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Growing up I came from a Buddhist family.  When I was a little girl I watched my father who early in his life trained to be a Buddhist monk, I watched him trim his Bonsai trees and witness how he created this beauty.  I learned from him mindfulness with concentration and beauty.  I learned that I could change the shape of things and create something very beautiful.  It was the beginning of my journey in being a beauty consultant.

After styling hair for others and seeing their impression is what sparks great joy in me.

Behind the Stylist

You can if you think you can.


Sakura Sugihara



Creative Styles

Curly, wavy, straight, any kind of hair can be cut and stylized.  Scissor cut, razor cut, clipper cut and more can be done by me.

Hair Services

Unlimited Possibilities

Coloring, balayage, highlights, hair up do, wedding hair make-up, and personal beauty shopper.


Bringing out Beauty

Make up, color consulting, eyelash extension

I do a free 15 min consultation via a video call to find out your favorite color and styles.  Then I consult what kind of make-up looks great and what kind of hairstyles looks great on you.

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